Khanqah Silsila Sarwari Qadri

Concept of Khanqah:

A Khanqah is any place designed for Sufi gathering. It is for the spiritual training of disciples and devotees. Khanqah originates from the Arabic word ‘Khanegah’ which refers to residence. It is the place of worship for dervishes. The spiritual guide spends time educating his disciples here. Moreover, the Shaikh or Murshid may also reside in Khanqah. A Khanqah usually adjoins to a shrine, mosque or school. In addition, all Fakirs, dervishes, mystics and Sufis of all kinds may enter Khanqah.

Quran and Khanqah:

“(This Light of Allah illumines) such houses as Allah has ordained to exalt (i.e., enhance their esteem and honour) and remember His Name therein. (These are the houses) in which (Allah’s servants) glorify Him morning and evening.
(Blessed with this Light) are those servants (of Allah) whom neither trade nor sale diverts from the remembrance of Allah. Nor from establishing Prayer and paying Zakat (the Alms-due. Even whilst performing their worldly duties) they keep fearing the Day when hearts and eyes will (all) overturn (with terror).”

In this verse, ‘houses’ refer to Khanqahs. The most prominent feature of a Khanqah is that it is where the dwellers meditate or practice dhikr. Further, they glorify the name of Allah and set examples of good human beings. Moreover, other obligatory prayers and forms of devotion are a part of the daily routine of disciples. Hence, Khanqahs are a major part of Sufi brotherhood.


Introduction to our Cause:

Sultan-ul-Ashiqeen Sultan Mohammad Najib-ur-Rehman is the Shaikh of Sarwari Qadri order. He is also the present spiritual guide or Murshid Kamil Akmal. He intends to establish a vast Khanqah and a Mosque for the seekers of Allah.

The existing Khanqah is located at 4-5/A, Ext. Education Town, Wahdat Road, Lahore, Pakistan. However, this place has become insufficient to accommodate rapidly growing number of people towards Sarwari Qadri order for inner peace. In addition, this Khanqa follows the same pattern as of all Sufi Saints of the past. Hence, its doors are open day and night for everyone. Further, there is no discrimination of any sect, caste, creed or status.

The heir of Faqr, Sultan-ul-Ashiqeen, has decided to build a larger Khanqa. The purpose is the spiritual retreat and character transformation. This is for the ones who wish to enlighten themselves with Faqr. Here, all devotees would be welcome to mediate. They can easily practice dhikr there. Moreover, they can contemplate the personal name of Allah (Ism-e-Allah Zaat).

Donate for the purpose of construction of this Khanqah and Mosque. These donations will shower countless blessings and will be fruitful for the Day of Judgement.

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